Lenten Impul 5



Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

SDGs and Christian responsibility 5

If all countries in the world would adopt the lifestyle and the consumption patterns of the western world, an ecological disaster would be inevitable. Already now we use more resources than our planet can renew. “Overshoot day” the date of the year when we have used what we are entitled to, fell 2015 on the 13th of August. For the rest of the year we lived off the substance at the expense of the future generations. “Green technology” alone will not solve this problem. To survive in the long run we have to change radically our wasteful ways of producing and consuming what we need for life and develop sustainable consumption and pro-duction methods. This can only succeed if we live out of a spirituality of simplicity and frugality to which Pope Francis invites us in his encyclical ‘Laudato Si ́.

.AEJN listens to the voice of Africa... brings this voice to the EU, and insists on the right and the respon-sibility of Africans to make their own policy for development. AEFJN lobbies the European Union and member states to promote sustainable development in Africa; monitors the impact in Africa of EU policies and agreements and promotes socio-economic strategies that take into account the views of African people for a sustainable development. Many of the Religious Orders are part of it, including the Franciscans.

Andreas Müller OFM

Lenten Impuls 5

SDGs and christian responsibility 5SDGs and christian responsibility 5 


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