CCFMC News for April / May 2016


Mission in the Holy Spirit - through the Son
with the Holy Spirit

CCFMC News for April / May 2016

“During the Second Vatican Council the Word of God in the Holy Scriptures became alive again. Especially the poor and the small discovered His Good News about the freedom and the liberation of God’s children. This is a gift by the Holy Spirit to the Church of the Second Vatican Council for rediscovering the Word of God. It is also a gift to realize that God speaks to every individual in all cultures and in all religious traditions.“ (Editorial)

The Franciscan Family South Asia (FFSA) met in Bangalore, India from 2 to 8 April 2016 for an international seminar. The uniting issue of the event was the Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Mission-Charism (CCFMC). The seminar was attended by 63 delegates from countries in this region (India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka). The CCFMC Region South Asia is a network of the Franciscan Family in South Asia (FFSA) represented by about 60,000 Franciscan Religious from 200 provinces in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Issues covered were the situation of the Indigenous peoples, the problems with migrants, the status of women and the integrity of creation as well as the concrete Franciscan response to the global socio-economic and cultural developments and facts.

Andreas Müller OFM



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