CCFMC News October 2016


CCFMC News October 2016

Franz geigtThe Gospel on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Francis (Mathew 11,25-30) is meant for all people whose wisdom is not influenced by intellectual arrogance and whose wisdom should not be confused with selfish ingenuity. Ironically so, these people are considered “immature“ as they do not brag, yet they are active as the real achievers of human existence and humanity. Mathew (about 80) passed on this prayer of Jesus to His Father; it conveys the ‘Lightness of Being’, which is a thorn in the flesh for do-gooders everywhere: for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Thus wrote P. Hadrian W. Koch OFM in the CCFM News October 2016 that we had announced in the last Newsletter. With some delay we can send now the text of the News, which is just as up to date as at the beginning of the month.



You can download the current issue of 'CCFMC NEWS'.


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